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Ohio Valley Screenprinting is located in downtown Lawrenceburg, IN. OVS has served our community since the late 1990’s. Current owners, Scott and Vicky Facemyre, are dedicated to continuing to serve this area at the highest level. Vicky was born and raised in Lawrenceburg and has lived in the area all her life. Scott has lived in Lawrenceburg for over 25 years.


Combining their talents, Scott and Vicky bring a great deal of experience and talent to the business. Scott worked as a music teacher at Lawrenceburg Community Schools in the 1990’s and after 10 years of teaching, went into retail as an Executive Retail Manager for Dillard’s Department Stores where he served for 13 years as an Area Sales Manager, Asst. Store Manager and Store Manager at 6 different locations.  Vicky also worked for Lawrenceburg Community Schools as a bookkeeper and has served our community as a dance instructor and yoga instructor.


Our screen printing specialist is Aaron Rumsey (Scott and Vicky’s son) and has been on board since our take over in early 2018.  Rounding out our current staff is Stephanie Cromer, our embroidery technician, who has been with OVS for over 2 years. Each of us put our talents and abilities together to create professional, exciting, and innovative products. We look forward to serving you and your business, organization, or team.

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